When Hauraki Safety and HR is engaged by a client to provide a service offered, one of the first questions we generally ask is “…what evidence have you collected…”.  Invariably the answer is “…none…”, or “…I’ve got some notes here somewhere…”, or the most common one we hear is “…I trusted them and I never thought they would do this to me…”.  New Zealand workers are getting increasingly litigious meaning they are more willing to take a grievance against an employer, while WorkSafe is prosecuting more for breaches of the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Dealing with an employment relations issue requires evidence.  Dealing with WorkSafe requires evidence.  In fact to manage a company effectively requires evidence to support effective decision making and to support the regulatory compliance.

So, why is it that organisations will capture financial evidence, but not performance, safety or employment related evidence?  The problem is rooted in the effort required to capture and store evidence, the time needed to do it and the cost associated with doing it, all of which companies argue is better spent on increasing the bottom line – until they need the evidence – and then it is too late.

So, what if you had a system worth 2 FTE, that costs a fraction of the cost of 2 FTE, and which makes capture, storage and retrieval of ALL your information simple?

Hauraki Safety and HR, in conjunction with a leading developer, is in the final stages of development of a leading edge IT system that will capture every record, phone call, message, text, email and document.  You can store and retrieve information to support any business function or information requirement.  Because all processes are automated, all tasks and actions to be completed are automatically lodged into a company ‘To Do’ board, giving visibility and accountability to ensure completion.  Our forms can be used on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC and are automatically stored to support business information needs.  We can configure the information to build any report you need and it is a single system. What’s more – you wont need multiple systems.

Sounds like something you need? Call us to arrange a visit and we can give you a demonstration.