As an organisation changes, the need to understand the impact on the organisations risk managmenet and controls become increasing important.

Many of the prosecutions under the Health and Safety at Work Act have a common theme of organisaitonal failure to ensure currency and relevance of safety controls. In some instances events have occurred as a result of the organisaitons failure to ensure that its risk management was reviewed and adapted to a planned change.

When you make a change in your organisation, you may end up having to change a policy that will change a behaviour, change an SOP or process or implement new ways of doing business, including the introduction of new equipment. Failure to ensure that changes are risk assessed leaves the organisaiton exposed to the potential for failure of risk controls resulting from controls no longer being relevant in the changed business environment.

It is important that as any change is planned, the change is risk assessed to identify what new hazards or opportunities may exist, and what the effect is on current risks and safety opportunities. Changes that arise out of the risk assessment need to be included in the change plan and must be monitored as part of the organisations assurance programme.

Change in an organisation is constant, so to will be the requriement to conduct risk reviews. It is important to understand the effect of all change so that the organisation is not left exposed.